Metaline is a leading custom point-of-purchase display company crafting award-winning POP displays since 1923. From design and production to warehousing and distribution, Metaline’s commitment to quality and customer service renderĀ us a cut above the rest.

Our History

For over a century, Metaline has combined our old school expertise with our modern, cutting-edge technology to manufacture best-in-class in-store displays.

Our Products

We provide design, manufacturing and distribution of POP displays that attract consumer interest and increase sales.

The Metaline team combines high-tech equipment with our talented designers and engineers to produce in-store displays. We incorporate a variety of materials including wire, tubing, sheet metal, plastic, wood, corrugate and more in the construction of our products.

Our Process

5 steps to a successful job.

Step 1: Collaborate with our customers to determine the design.

Step 2: Create 3D renderings for client review.

Step 3: Produce the prototype.

Step 4: Mass production of displays.

Step 5: Distribute and warehouse.