Why Wood Displays are Trending Across Retail Stores

There is a science behind consumer spending habits that gets closely guarded by top businesses who have managed to succeed in even the most volatile of markets through the years. They know that the way a product is displayed says everything about whether or not it has a shot at being purchased. Using poor packaging or the wrong colors will probably guarantee that no one wants it. However, products that are displayed on a wooden shelf in a bright location of a store have higher rate of sales volume. That isn’t the only reason that wooden displays have been trending lately. This article will discuss the reasons why more businesses are giving wooden displays a try.

It’s All About Natural Products

After years of being forced to down chemical-laden, cheap products, consumers are taking a stand against them to fight for natural, environmentally friendly products and services. Since wood comes from trees, it speaks volumes about the way a company chooses to represent itself. In other words, natural items are “in” right now, and it is doubtful that they are going to be leaving the market any time soon.

Wood Is Economical

When economic growth declined in the United States, the housing market dropped. More people stayed in their current homes since no one was buying or selling houses. There was also a reduction in the building of new houses. This affected the wood industry, which depends on a high volume of demand for their products to get higher prices. When the demand for wood dropped, the cost of wood dropped with it.

Products on Wooden Displays Represent Goods Made in the United States

For decades, the United States has been importing goods from overseas, especially China. This bothered consumers who blamed the economic downturn on the lack of support for goods sold by companies based in the United States. Unfortunately, not every product has a clear label that says where it has been made, which leaves consumers guessing about its origins. They have to make snap decisions based on a quick glance-over of what it looks like. Items that are displayed on a wooden shelf seem more “local.” Part of the reason for this is a prejudice towards wood that has lasted since the founding of America, and there is also the common knowledge that even China has to import its wood from the United States.

Medium Density Fiberboard

Medium density fiberboard (MDF) is great for displaying products. It is made of small wooden particles but is a lot less tough. Though it is weaker than wood, MDF is also lighter. Additionally, since the price tag is low, there are countless ways to budget in MDF to its fullest potential. This will allow for allocation of capital towards other components in marketing the product. MDF can be painted to make it pop with color, or it can be given the appearance of wood. Waxing and oiling is suggested for look, shine, and safety.

In a consumer market shaped around our “roots” as Americans, there’s no better option to appeal to the consumer than wood. It’s economical to manufacture, lasts longer than most other materials, and grabs the consumer’s attention from first glance. Your business deserves to thrive, and the small change to wooden displays will have products flying off the shelves.