Why Paperboard Packaging Is the Best Solution

Innumerable brands rely on paperboard packing to showcase their products on the shelves and at the point of purchase. From cereal and cookies lining the isles of the grocery store to trays of granola bars and gum at checkout paperboard packaging is everywhere. So why is paperboard packaging the best solution for your brand? Here are just a few reasons:

1. Price point

Paperboard packaging is often used for impulse buy items that move quickly from the shelves. Using a cost effective material like paperboard for packaging and displaying these items means that, once they have sold out, the packaging can be disposed of or recycled.

2. Printing

Corrugated board and thin paperboard are excellent substrates for printing. Graphics printed on paperboard packaging show up clearer and more vibrant, allowing the product and your brand to stand out on the shelf.

3. Environment

For the environmentally conscious, paperboard packaging is an excellent solution. It is often made from recycled materials and can be recycled again when no longer in use.

4. Versatility

While thin paperboard packaging is great for disposable items, more substantial corrugated board and paperboard can be used to create more permanent displays that can be refilled with product rather than thrown away. Paperboard can also be cut and assembled in myriad ways allowing for custom designs made to suit your specialized brand and product.

Interested in how Metaline can help with your paperboard packaging and display needs?

Metaline’s team of point-of-purchase display experts provides our clients with full-color display and packaging renderings prior to production. We also offer small- and large-scale production runs and tailor solutions to your specific requirements and needs.

For more information on Metaline’s paperboard packaging capabilities and other display design and manufacturing solutions, contact our sales team today.