The Role of Corrugated Displays in POP Advertising

Did you know point of purchase (POP) advertising is a major driver of in-store purchase decisions? According to statistics published by Wirespring, a shopper makes 70%-75% of all purchase decisions when he or she is shopping inside the store. POP displays can have a huge influence on a brand’s sales because this is where the consumer, the money, and the product come together. Retail stores are using various communication vehicles to influence their customers’ buying decisions, including corrugated displays, packaging, sales promotions, in-store advertising, and choosing the right salespeople.

Benefits of Corrugated Displays at the Point of Purchase

Corrugated displays, or cardboard counter displays, are inexpensive yet extremely versatile for any retail store. The best part about this choice of branding is that they can be shaped to resemble practically anything. On top of it, they are simple to set up and transport.

Some of the greatest features are:

  • Corrugated display stands are flexible and strong enough that they can be cut and glued in almost any shape and size to creatively display almost anything.
  • The cardboard used in corrugated displays is ideal for retail packaging. It provides a warm radiant feeling unlike steel or plastic.
  • Due to the corrugated displays being relatively inexpensive, it would be optimal to use these displays not only in the store but even at trade shows and special events. In addition, promotional and discount stickers can be easily added to energize the image along with the product’s sales.

Understanding the Customer’s Mindset

Consumer behavior while shopping is influenced by two factors: out-of-store memory bases, which include their brand preferences, and in-store attention based factors, which include shelf positions and the number of facings, according to a research paper published by Alliance Center for Global Research and Development of Wharton University, Pennsylvania. The study further revealed that in today’s cluttered retail environment, it is very difficult to create a memory based consumer pull. Therefore, marketers need to create visual lifts for their brands. A corrugated display at the point of purchase is a great way not just to display your products for customers to purchase but also to create brand awareness for your business and its offerings.

Cost-Effective Method

The brick and mortar stores are facing more competition than ever before and, in order for them to compete, they have to turn to the most cost-effective POP advertisement methods out there. For this reason, it would make sense to use corrugated displays. Corrugated displays are cost effective, strong, and versatile.

Point-of-purchase advertising is not something to be taken lightly given the fact that 70% of all supermarket purchases are in some way influenced by such promotions. In fact, 96% of supermarket shoppers make at least one purchase totally unplanned, just being influenced by POP displays, says a study published in Supermarket News. This is why corrugated displays are one marketing medium that can immediately influence sales.

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