Temporary vs Permanent Displays

As a business owner, it is important for you to look into temporary versus permanent displays for your store. Custom point-of-purchase displays are a great marketing tool to highlight new promotional packaging, advertise seasonal sale items, or showcase other specific products or services. These areas have shown to increase overall awareness of a brand, as well as actual sales.

Permanent In-Store Displays

If you want an attractive area to organize and advertise specific items year-round, a permanent display would work the best in your situation. We offer durable metal displays and corrugated displays, built to your specifications. These displays can be designed in simple, eye-catching shapes for selling classic products, or they can be intricate designs made of wire to highlight your business logo or commercial decor theme. We offer plenty of options with our custom displays to coordinate your entire retail space.

Semi-Permanent Displays

A semi-permanent display is usually purchased for events like annual holiday specials or other recurrent sales during specific times of the year. These displays can be moved around the store to different departments for an instant point-of-purchase area. As with our permanent options, our team will work with you to choose the right material, such as our wood displays, that can be made into anything from a sophisticated look to a rustic feel. Our paperboard packaging products can finish off any marketing display by tying in the same overall design.

Temporary Displays

Create a custom POP display for any industry event you attend, such as trade shows or flea markets. Advertise your products and services in an attractive way that is easy to fold up and/or light enough to carry around with your while you travel for your business. Material examples include plastic displays or cardboard displays with protective packaging to highlight your best sellers. These materials are also a wise choice for limited time products, such as seasonal candy flavors or items that have the current year included in their design. Now, if you repeat a similar sale every year, you may want to have a more semi-permanent display to put away and use with simple seasonal elements such as a holiday color scheme. This way, you can change the theme every year, using the same display.

Other Services

In addition to a well-designed point-of-purchase area, you need to consider coordinating the rest of your marketing plan to fit. Graphic design can make or break your display, making it increasingly important for effective branding to be in play at all times. It is vital to consult with experts who can help you with your startup company, providing logo and website design, as well as assist you if you need to change or grow to better fit your target market.

Metaline is well known for being a leading custom display manufacturer, but we are so much more. In addition to our top-notch OEM capabilities and various display and packaging options, such as innovative litho label packaging, we provide warehousing and distribution. Since 1923, we have continued to grow our business in order to better serve yours.