How Promotional Packaging Helps Boost Brand Image

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, branded promotional packaging is integral to elevating brand image and driving recognition for your product. Developing effective promotional packaging means so much more than simply sticking your logo on a cardboard box. Branding breathes life into your product and allows target audiences to build a relationship with your product beyond functionality and necessity. In the context of in-store marketing, impactful promotional packaging embodies the visual narrative of your brand and draws consumers to your product rather than the competitor’s.

At Metaline, our first step in developing compelling promotional packaging is becoming familiar with your specific needs regarding selling and marketing your product. In addition to developing creatively branded promotional packaging, our design and production teams must consider retailer requirements in order to ensure the packaging is attractive and effectively branded while adhering to the regulations of the sales environment.

The top three considerations our promotional packaging team must keep in mind at the onset of a project include:

1. What is the budget?

Defining the project budget is of utmost importance in order to determine production and printing options that will work within that budget, such as packaging materials and direct corrugated printing versus lithography.

2. What is the distribution network of the retailer?

Understanding how and where the product will be distributed allows us to determine the type of materials to utilize in order to ensure the package itself will withstand the rigors of shipping and will still look good on the shelf once it arrives.

3. Ease of Design

The structure of the packaging itself must be taken into consideration. User-friendly packaging is key, as a frustrating experience with over-complicated packaging may deter potential consumers from becoming brand loyalists or from even approaching your product.

Once these factors have been determined, the promotional packaging design team lays out a branded design using CAD software, and our production team brings the design to life with a physical sample for your review. Using full-color graphics, our team creates captivating designs that increase on-shelf visibility for your brand. With an eye for detail, quick turnaround times, and a dedicated team of experts, Metaline will work with you to create branded promotional packaging that showcases what makes your product unique.

For more information on Metaline’s promotional packaging services, contact our sales team today.